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Custom Designs

Custom socks to suit your organisation, team or event. 




How can we help you? 

We create bespoke funky socks to suit your needs.

If you're looking for your newest merchandise range, corporate gift, giveaway or team cohesion item, we believe a pair of funky socks is the newest and coolest way to do it. We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback from organisations who have already worked with us to create their own designs.  We can work with your existing designs or create bespoke designs for you. From the design and manufacturing to final delivery, our team will handle it all.  


Our minimum order quantity of just 200 pairs means you won't have to order thousands of socks or use up valuable storage space.

Have an event coming up? We can complete your bespoke socks in 7 weeks once your  design is completed.

Our prices are all inclusive of shipping and packing so don't expect any nasty surprises. 

How have we helped others?

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The university of Western Australia

Our bespoke funky socks for The University of Western Australia feature as unique giveaways that are helping to drive engagement with prospective students both locally and internationally. 

Important Details

  • Unisex designs. 
  • Socks are manufactured using combed cotton.
  • Bespoke packaging to suit your branding.
  • Flat design fee that is refunded when an order is placed.

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